A little Bit About Us

Who Are We?

Green Pasture is an international distributor of some of New Zealand’s highest quality farm products. We represent a large number of countrywide farms with many of them local to the area in supplying their products to New Zealand and the rest of the world.

Based in the beautiful Far North of New Zealand, Green Pasture are also the producers of some of the best farm products from Olive Oil and Macadamia Nuts to Raw Honey.

Our award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oils – winner of ‘Best of Class’ in the New York International Olive Oil Competition and ‘Gold’ in the Olive Japan Olive Oil Competition – come from hand picked olives, which are exclusive to the Northern Region of New Zealand and are produced and bottled locally for that fresh taste.

Our Macadamia trees produce a superior tasting nut and several of our orchards are organically certified with the trees being spray free with only the finest organic fertilisers used.

Our Honey is sourced locally from only the best beekeepers in the country and is of the highest quality. Manuka Honey is known for its health benefits and our honey is among the best available.

We hope that you get as much pleasure out of our products as we do. Enjoy!

Hand picking olives
Picking Olives
Doubtless Bay NZ

Origins & Our Backyard

The arrival of Kupe:  The great navigator Kupe was the first to arrive on the shores of Aotearoa at Maheatae known today as Taipa on the waka or canoe named Matawhaurua. The Taipa river was originally named Ikatiritiri (to apportion fish) because of the abundant fish life.

Parata, the captain of the waka Mamaru later returned and married Kahutianui and their descendants established settlements in the area.


Mangonui village: The Ruakaramea waka captained by a Maori Chief by the name of Moehuri was guided into the harbour by a large shark. 

Hence the name Mangonui “Big Shark”


Mill Bay: A large Kauri Mill was built at Mill Bay in the Mangonui Harbour in 1880.


The Whalers: Europeans followed the whales for the high quality oil to fuel the industrial revolution in America, Britain and Europe which started world wide trade in products such as Kauri timber, kauri gum and flax for the high quality rope making. The whalers brought produce and stock from all over the world.


Climate: Because of the area’s subtropical climate and fertile rolling hills with very mild winters the climate is favourable to growing olive trees that produce some of the finest olive oils in the world.

Producing olives has a very low impact on the environment as the olive tree doesn’t require irrigation.


The area is so remote that we are not  burdened with pestilent diseases and pollution that are affecting other countries.


As an Island nation we have the advantage of ocean borders.


Mangonui is situated in the Far North of the North Island of New Zealand.

Sunrise over Mangonui
Mangonui Olive Oil

New Zealand Olive Oil

The purest olive oil direct from the source. Hand picked and pressed in the beautiful Far North, New Zealand


New Zealand Manuka Honey produced naturally just as the bees intended

Macadamia Nuts

Green Pasture organically certified raw macadamia nuts can be assured of the highest quality and best of flavours

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