Mill Bay

This is a hand picked, cold pressed, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil. It is a single cultivar oil using only J5 olives a variety exclusive to northern New Zealand.

The olives are picked at the optimum time and pressed very quickly under sterile conditions in a state-of-the-art olive press. The result is an extremely fine olive oil with very low Free Fatty Acid and Peroxide levels, and very high Polyphenol levels.

‘Best in Class’ winner at the New York International Olive Oil Competition and ‘Gold’ winner in Tokyo.


Mill Bay Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 250ml bottle

Lot 32 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Similar to the Mill Bay except containing a blend of olive varieties and having a more peppery flavour. Olive cultivars used are J5, Leccino, Frantoio.


Lot 32 Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 500ml & 250ml bottle


Lot 32 Crushed Lemon Olive Oil

Made from the same varieties of olives as for the Lot 32 Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Locally grown organic Yen Ben lemons are added to the press hopper at the same time as the olives and everything is milled together.

This is a tangy, zesty olive oil with a distinctive sharp lemony flavour ideal for salads, pastas and drizzled over fish.

Lot 32 Crushed Lemon Olive Oil – 500ml & 250ml bottle

Lot 32 Basil Infused Olive Oil

Made from the same varieties of olives as for the Lot 32 Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Locally grown, freshly harvested and dried basil is added to the olive oil and left to mature for a month before canning.

This is a very herby olive oil ideal for pizza and pasta.


Lot 32 Basil Infused Olive Oil – 500ml & 250ml bottle


Bulk premium quality extra virgin olive oils

The Mill Bay, Lot 32 Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lot 32 Basil Olive Oil are available in bulk 12 months a year and can be delivered anywhere worldwide. The Lot 32 Crushed Lemon Olive Oil is available in bulk when ordered in advance of the olive harvest (April/May). This is because the Lot 32 Crushed Lemon Olive Oil can only be made at time of harvest.

Currently we supply bulk olive oils in 2 sizes. 60L drums and 1000L containers. (please ask if you want other sizes)

Lot 32 Macadania Nuts in the Shell

The macadamia trees produced by Green Pasture are of the modern ‘A’ varieties which produce far superior quality and tasting nuts than the older traditional tree varieties. The ‘A’ variety nut kernels are large and flavourful. The shells are easier to crack than the old fashioned variety macadamia nuts.

Buyers of Green Pasture organically certified raw macadamia nuts can be assured of the highest quality and best of flavours.

The harvest season is from July to September. Supply can start from mid-July each season.

The macadamia trees are spray free and only the finest quality organic fertilisers are used to produce a superior quality nut yet having minimum impact upon the environment.

The shells are easy to crack on these modern variety nuts and the nut kernels are large, white and have a rich delicious and creamy flavour.

These modern variety macadamia nuts have larger kernels and thinner shells than the old-fashioned varieties making them easier to crack and extract the large succulent kernels whole.

Currently available for purchase in 2kg and 600g red mesh nylon bags. Bulk orders available on request. Please email us should you want to buy larger amounts.

Macadamia Nuts Raw

Branded sizes available

Currently, for our Lot 32 branded raw organic macadamia nuts, we have two sizes available for sale in New Zealand only. Overseas buyers please enquire, we may be able to make a special arrangement for you.

Customers who would like to buy in bulk and self-brand, please enquire.

2kg & 600g supplied in red nylon mesh bag

Macadamia Nuts Bagged