Shipping within New Zealand

For small orders within New Zealand we can ship by New Zealand Courier Post or for larger orders we can ship using a cheaper NZ carrier.

Payment by bank transfer.


Overseas shipping

For orders outside of New Zealand we can ship internationally. On small orders by EMS Post. On large orders by a local international shipping agent. Ex-works orders are also welcome.

Payment in advance by international bank transfer.




Olive Oil Delivery

Orders for customers in Japan

Green Pasture has a subsiduary branch in Japan with warehousing based in Nishijin, Kyoto.

Japanese customers please order directly from the the Oriwa shop.

There are some bottle sizes/styles that are only available in Japan.


(Nishijin, Kyoto)

TEL : 075-441-5678

Fax: 075-320-2659


BUSINESS HOURS: 10: 00-18: 00 

Click here to visit Green Pasture Japan

Japan Green Pasture store

International Bulk Shipping Available

Contact us directly to discuss our bulk overseas delivery service.

Shipping overseas
delivery of olive oil